Welcome to Euro-link Associates

Euro-link Associates undertakes business consultancy, predominantly in the fields shown in the links to the left.  It is fully committed to providing a high quality service that is fair, honest and professional in its business approach.  We are sensitive to clients’ needs and provide professional services at realistic prices.  In summary, exceptional results are attained by being flexible enough to undertake work that is tailored to individual client requirements.

We are a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness.  The company is also listed on the North East England Service Provider Register (NEESPR) and Virtual Export Manager (VEM) panels.  We combine an alternative approach to the use of client, in-company resources with a high level of practical experience, covering a wide range of industries and services, know-how, contacts and confidentiality.  (NEESPR Profile)

Major accomplishments include:-

  • Developing the initial Central and Eastern European (C&EE) business for the consultancy arm of Northumbria University’s Business School by identifying, targeting and meeting with potential clients in C&EE countries;
  • Having the ability to work across cultures, environments and nationalities during the course of business development and delivery;
  • Having the ability to work in a wide range of business sectors including manufacturing, services, social enterprises, travel and tourism and spin-out companies from universities;
  • Having a 100% success rate on UK-funded Research and Development project applications, which have benefitted clients to the value of over £1,000,000;
  • Assisting a client organisation, which has no external sales force, to increase its turnover and profits by over 50% in the last 3 years by developing business for them in the UK, Europe and the USA;
  • Undertaking an export market research project for a company that supplies manufacturing plants for environmentally friendly particle boards, utilising waste agricultural and wood products, which generated over 100 million Euros of enquiries for the client;
  • Undertaking export market research to identify potential users of a citrus-based washing system for fruit and vegetables in the food processing industry within Europe.  Over 800 potential customers were identified for the client and a market test of potential customers in Slovakia, which gave a conversion rate of over 30%;
  • Assisting and project managing a European Union research project with 2 universities and a group of 10 small client companies from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Spain and the UK to develop a Bio-degradable Packaging System made from Re-cycled Cardboard and Paper Products as a potential replacement system to Polystyrene.

Euro-link Associates has worked with small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), both directly and indirectly, through client organisations, in the majority of EU Member States.  The SME’s are generally in the range of up to 50 employees.

Our mission is to serve international business clients and organisations by providing specialist business services.  Key work areas include Business Development, Business Project Management, European Union and UK Government Business Research and Development Grant Applications, Export Marketing and undertaking Technology Transfer Sales for clients.