UK – USA Connection

Euro-link Associates has worked regularly in the USA since 2009 on export related projects.  It is therefore able to offer services to:-

  • UK and European companies interested to enter or expand their presence in the US market;
  • US companies interested to enter or expand their presence in the UK and European markets.

US Export Project Examples

Brush Technology Limited,, is a UK-based manufacturer of brushes for:-

  • The bakery and glass industries;
  • Commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines;
  • Dairy industry – cow satisfaction and teat cleaning;
  • Municipal street cleaning machines;
  • Scrubber-dryers;
  • Vegetable polishing machines;
  • Window cleaning.

Work for this client is currently ongoing, through direct sales, whereby the company is being assisted to re-develop their American business:-

  • With existing customers, where turnover has been greatly increased;
  • With new customers that were identified and developed in non-core business sectors;
  • Within new business sectors e.g. construction, the dairy industry, root vegetable cleaning, polishing and processing and window cleaning brushes;
  • Through obtaining new business from subsidiary companies of existing European customers.

CoMc LLC,, is a USA-based manufacturer of unique floating floor tile systems

  • Market research in Europe to identify porcelain tile manufacturers with the potential to conclude a Manufacturing Under Licence Agreement for the SnapStone floating porcelain floor tile system.

Unison Colour,, is a UK-based manufacturer of hand-made artists’ pastels

  • Market research and direct contact work was conducted to identify mail order, individual, multi-outlet and national chain retailers of art materials;
  • In-country launch of the company’s North American direct sales programme to retail art groups and independent art retailers.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

A spin-out company from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne was formed to exploit patented technology capable of being used in:-

  • Orthopaedics – specifically hip replacement;
  • Dental orthopaedics.

Major global orthopaedics companies, based in the USA, were contacted to investigate potential Manufacturing under Licence Agreements.

Similar business opportunities await US-based companies in the UK and Europe