UK Export Projects

As an approved UK Department for International Trade North East of England consultant highly successful export project work has been undertaken, using the Virtual Export Manager Programme, on behalf of the following private clients:-

Brush Technology Limited

  • Identification of European business opportunities for the leading UK-based manufacturer of brushes for commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines and municipal road sweepers;
  • Enquiries and orders were received from the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Brush Technology Limited

  • Identification of new business opportunities, including business development in the US market and in non-core business sectors globally e.g. agriculture / food preparation;
  • 27 USA-based companies were originally identified and contacted.  A market visit was made to a final list of 10 US target companies;
  • Business is ongoing with some of these companies and their European subsidiaries.

Brush Technology Limited

  • Identification of new business opportunities for the sale of vegetable polishing brushes to distributors and vegetable polishing machine manufacturers in North America;
  • Business is ongoing with both distributors and manufacturers.

Citrox Limited

  • Market research to identify potential new export business accounts in the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable and poultry sectors throughout Europe;
  • Over 800 target companies were identified in the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

Ecopanel Systems Limited

  • Particle board market research and identification of business opportunities in 11 C&EE countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia;
  • Over 100 million Euros of enquiries were generated.

Unison Colour Limited

  • Market research in North America to identify testing organisations that certify art materials;
  • Identification of original, distributor-serviced, and potential art materials sales outlets for hand-made artist’s pastels;
  • Initial research work included holding direct meetings with multi-outlet art materials retailers in Canada and the USA prior to direct client sales;
  • Re-launch of the company through direct sales to North American art retailers;
  • Separately a review of global export sales was undertaken.  This included market research and direct contact work with potential art materials retailers in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Australasia.

The following project work was undertaken using the UKTI North East Market Accelerator Programme:-

Brush Technology Limited

  • Market research to identify key manufacturers of vegetable polishing machines;
  • Analysis and contact work in the US market;
  • Initial investigation of brushware manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.

The following project work was undertaken using Manufacturers Advisory Service support:-

Brush Technology Limited

  • Market research in North America to identify root vegetable growers, packers, shippers and processors that use vegetable polishing machines.

Brush Technology Limited

  • Generation of export sales in the USA of staple-set polypropylene and polypropylene / wire brushes to municipal sweeping vehicle manufacturers.

The following project work is / has been undertaken on a direct contract basis:-

Brush Technology Limited

  • Responsibility for customer service with North American customers over a wide range of industries – baking, brush manufacturing, commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment manufacturers, dairy, glass, municipal brush manufacturers, root vegetable processing and water fed pole window equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Unison Colour

  • Successful completion of Unison’s re-launch in North America through a structured sales programme, including direct meetings, with existing and new retail art groups as well as independent art retailers;
  • Currently International A/C’s Manager for art retail customers in Europe and North America as well as the generation of new business opportunities, including private label products.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Identified and contacted orthopaedic dental / medical implant manufacturers in France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA re. potential manufacturing under licence agreements.