European Union SME Research & Development Projects

Projects and Programme Seminars

Within the European Union’s Co-operative Research Programme (CRAFT) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) the following project work has been undertaken:-

  • Writing project applications;
  • International partner sourcing;
  • Project management.

CRAFT Programme Projects

An Ecological Packaging System for the transport of Chilled Foods and Medicines, under Controlled Temperature Conditions, without the Need for Refrigerated Transport

The System, which is intended as an option to EPS, is made from re-cycled materials that are re-usable, re-cyclable and will bio-degrade if sent to landfill.

An Innovative Approach to Improving the Performance of the Hydraulic Ram Pump for Rural Water Supplies

This project allows for the flow of water over long distances without any power source other than water pressure.

Development of a Tamper Proof Flow Measuring / Sampling Device for use in loading Road, and Rail Tankers and in other Industries

This project ensures that the loading of fuel is fully quality controlled and traceable before usage without causing mechanical breakdown and damage.

CRAFT Programme Seminars

Seminars on the CRAFT Programme Application Process, including project workshops, were delivered to:-

  • University of South Bohemia, NOVE HRADY, Czech Republic;
  • Enterprise Estonia, TALLINN, Estonia.